Alhampton Mill

A hydropower scheme located on the river Alham using an Archimedes Screw was installed at Alhampton Mill in 2010. Consultants were River Power Limited and the installer was Potential Energy Limited. The Archimedes Screw was manufactured by Spaans Babcock of the Netherlands. 

Site Data: Head 2.75m, Flow 0.6 m3/sec, Power 12 kW

“The banks of the river Alham are tree lined, producing large volumes of debris such as logs and leaves. An Archimedes screw turbine was chosen as the site is away from the mill house, and so the turbine needs to be reliable and minimal maintenance. The screw allows fish and much of the debris to simply pass through, removing the need for protective screens and associated cleaning equipment. Tree roots had caused considerable structural damage to the river bank and historic mill infrastructure, and so a major rebuilding project was undertaken during which the foundations for the screw turbine were installed.” ( Potential Energy Ltd )

The following video shows the installation of the Archimedes Screw:


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