Carey’s Mill

There were two mills in Martock Manor in 1086 paying 35s, probably corresponding with the two long established mills in the parish, Madey mill (54222) and Walters, later Carey’s mill. The two were let for £12 in 1293-4 and in 1302 they were valued at 60s. Walter’s mill was granted to William Gardner in 1592. Described in 1750 as two copyhold water grist mills and a malt mill called Walters mill. One of the mills had become a snuff mill by 1811, and in 1838 Henry Cary (d.1840) was occupying two houses and a warehouse on the site and R.B Hansford a house and mill. There were two mills on 1841. Carey’s mill was unoccupied in 1853 but by 1857 the site had become the Parrett iron works. 

By 1857 the West of England Engineering and Coker Canvas Company had acquired the Carey’s mill site, renamed it the Parrett Works, and were producing horizontal, high pressure and condensing engines for mining companies traction engines, threshing machines, water wheels, corn mills, flax and spinning machinery, power looms and Parson’s parent iron and wooden wheels. A new power loom shed was opened in 1866. Economic pressures forced the company to discontinue yarn and canvas making and in 1869 it went into liquidation. By 1875 the works had been taken over by two firms – William Sibley’s West of England Engineering Company, millwrights and iron and brass builders, and G H Smith, makers of Napier matting, blind and sash corns, rope and twine. Sibley’s continued there in 1923 but had gone by 1931 leaving Smiths, who were still operating in 1941. In 1974 the premises were held by the West of England Warehouses and also used by the Somervale Foods and Somerset Joinery. 

The new owners of the Mill Keith Shoemark and Mandy Lane undertook a refurbishment of the Mill, together they dug out the mill race, overhauled sluice gates and bridges. Keith Shoemack designed and built a Double Regulated Kaplan Turbine capable of generating enough electricity to power 8-10 homes.

Water source is the river Parrett.

The video below is of the weir at Carey’s Mill :


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