Clapton Mill

One of the oldest watermills in the country, built on a site where there has been a mill milling corn since the 13th century. The current Grade II listed mill was built in the 18th century with extensive 1850 modifications.

The Dorset made cast iron wheel is 6.4 metres diameter and about 3 metres across, and is both overshot and breastshot:.  the machinery it drives is essentially that installed in 1864, with appropriate renewals, and uses Derbyshire and French millstones.

The Mill worked commercially until 1991. In 2006 a hydroelectric turbine was installed. The crossflow turbine was supplied by Valley Hydro with a design output of  kW 5.8 and a projected annual energy capture of 30MWh. Mean flow 0.480, Rated design flow 0.40, and Gross Head 3.0.

The installation employs a 600mm dia by 65m long penstock to lessen the environmental impact on the mill pond and the technical installation is contained in a purpose built turbine house, mostly underground, to minimise the impact on the grade 2* listed mill. All the building and installation work was carried out using local labour with Hydrogeneration Ltd employed as consultants.

Water source is the river Axe


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Clapton Mill – Living Heritage

Historic England – Clapton Mill (Lockyer and Son), with aqueduct to north east

Clapton Mill Hydro Electric Installation