Keward Brook

A tributary of the River Sheppey, the source is four springs within the gardens of the Bishop’s Palace in Wells. These flow into the palace moat and the brook starts its journey via an outlet source in the south west corner of the moat.The brook flows in a south westerly direction following the line of Silver Street and and then to the rear of the residential properties in Southover.


The brook turns south to pass through industrial sites and then flows beneath the A371 Wells to Shepton Mallett Road. It then flows through a wall lined channel alongside Gate Lane. Turning west it continues its journey to the site of the derelict Cow & Gate factory where it enters twin circular concrete culverts to flow beneath the factory complex for a distance of 170 metres.( If the site is developed it is probable that the brook will be diverted through an open channel).

Keward Park Weir


Crossing the A39 Glastonbury Road the brook turns south westerly to flow beneath Joycelyn Drive to the south of Keward Mill. It is joined by waters from St Andrew’s Stream before flowing through pasture and meadows past Keward Park and Sugar Loaf Farm with Hay Hill to the north and and after a journey of close to 2 miles finally reaches its join with the River Sheppey near Coxley Mill.


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