Hartlake River

The river is formed by the combined flows of the Redlake and Whitelake rivers which join at Hartlake Farm. It flows westerly through Queens Sedgemoor beneath Hartlake Bridge. South of East Backweare it becomes the Division Rhine. Distance covered approx 2.09 miles.

Division Rhine turns North Westerly through Crannel Moor. Turning west it passes south of Godney to join with White’s River which flows into the River Brue east of Westhay bridge.


Hartlake Bridge Downstream Arch


n the 1230s a watercourse now represented by the canalised Hartlake river and its tributary the Whitelake river was a regular route for heavy goods including wine from Pilton to Glastonbury. The eastern limit of the route was at la Bowe, (fn. 21) perhaps the earlier Old Pill, (fn. 22) where the Whitelake river is joined at a wide bend by a stream from Westholme and at a point where the parish boundary follows a track from the hamlet of Steanbow.1

References: 1.British History online V9 id 117182


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