King’s Sedgemoor Drain

Takes the waters of the River Cary from Henley Corner to join with the River Parrett at Dunball. After leaving Henley Corner the waters flow in a north westerly direction in a narrow channel to flow beneath Cradle Bridge. From Cradle Bridge the waters flow through King’s Sedge Moor where after approximately 1.8 miles from source the channel is widened to accept the waters of the Eighteen Foot Rhyne.


Looking downstream from Greylake Bridge


At a distance of approximately 2.6 miles from source the waters reach Greylake Bridge and Sluice. After a further 1.2 miles the waters are joined from the south by the Langacre Rhyne and the Sowy River. Just to the north of Weston Zoyland the waters turn to a more northerly flow and are then joined by the waters of the Chedzoy New Cut. After travelling a distance of approximately 6.3 miles from source the drain flows beneath Parchey Bridge, Bradney Bridge and then Crandon Bridge before reaching its confluence with the River Parrett at Dunball. The total distance from source to the River Parrett is approximately 9.8 miles.


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