River Pitt

Also known as the Piddy, the river is located in the South Somerset countryside and flows for approximately 5½ miles through the parishes of Shepton Montague and Pitcombe. The river’s origins are streams in the parish of Brewham near Hardway which join together approximately 800 metres south of Hardway close to the Leyland trail. The river flows south west through Stoney Stoke and the valley east of Knowle Rock and west of Round Hill before turning west. It flows west for approx 1000 metres before turning north to Knowle Road Bridge. At Knowle Road Bridge the flow increases with streams from Bratton Seymour and Redlynch joining the river. It turns west through Lower Shepton with a stream originating in Shepton Montague joining the river. It continues westward beneath the A359 Bruton Road, turning North West through the Pitcombe Valley past St Leonard’s Church, through the hamlet of Pitcombe and and on to its journey’s end at Cole Manor where it joins the river Brue.


The river falls from a height of approx 140 metres at its origins in Hardway to a height of approx 50 metres at Cole where it joins the Brue.

River Map    Mills on the Pitt