Grand Western Canal Structures

Black Bridge


Bridge Name:   Black Bridge
No.:   23
Build Date:   1898
Engineer:   Great Western Railway

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Owned by Bardon Aggregates, Westleigh Quarry. Girder bridge carried a tramway from the Westleigh quarries to the main railway, and has now been made available as part of the footpath network.


This was originally a wooden viaduct constructed as part of a 3 foot guage tramway, constructed by the Bristol and Exeter railway, later amalgamated with the Great Western Railway. The tramway was a mile long to carry stone and lime from Westleigh Quarry to Burlescombe Station.The tramway opened on the 12th January 1879. In 1898 the line was changed to a standard guage which involved the construction of high embankments and a steel girder bridge across the canal. The bridge girders cost �135 2 4 and the nuts and bolts for its construction cost �28 4 0.1

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