Kings Sedgemoor Drain Structures

Crandon Bridge

Bridge Name:   Crandon Bridge
No.:   9
Build Date:    

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“A Roman road from Ilchester followed the Polden ridge and descended to the river west of Crandon bridge where a port was in use between the 1st and the 4th century A.D. At the bridge, mentioned in 1614, roads from Bristol and Glastonbury to Bridgwater converged and the route from the bridge was causewayed and maintained in the early 17th century jointly by Bridgwater and Bawdrip parishes. (fn. 22) The roads were turnpiked in 1730 by the Bridgwater Trust. A new route from Bristol to Bridgwater avoiding Crandon bridge was built in Bridgwater parish in 1822 but the old route was retained and in 1971 was improved to provide access to the M5 motorway.”