River Brue Structures

Hornblotton Mill Leat Footbridge

Bridge Name:   Hornblotton Mill Leat Footbridge
No.:   20 A
Location:   West of Alford Church ST601325
Build Date:    

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Wooden footbridge above sluice gate on Hornblotton Mill leat.1 Now provides transit for a right of way footpath.

Hornblotton Mill was originally part of Hornblotton (being the mill for West Bradley), it was later absorbed into the Alford Estate, and repurposed to house estate workers: the gamekeeper lived there in the 1880’s onwards (hence it became known as Keeper’s Cottage) and it was further extended before WW1 to provide additional accommodation for the Alford Estate. Map regression shows it is the same building (which has now reverted to its original name). The old mill machinery (including water wheel) remain in situ (together with substantial stoneworks). In medieval times, the Brue flooded annually up to 7m at this point, so when it was originally built, the living accommodation was set on higher ground 30m away to prevent the property flooding. 2

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