Minor Waterways Structures

Hurstbow Bridge


Bridge Name:   Hurstbow Bridge
Location:   Martock ST 4581 1893
Build Date:   Rebuilt 1848
Engineer:   Designs by Richard Carver Built by George Pearse, local mason
Road bridge over Hurst Brook. Cast iron members by Murch of Bridgwater. Ham stone and cast iron. Segmental arched cast iron ribs over single span, decorated and with “March 1848” cast on outer faces; plain cast handrails above; ashlar wing walls, on the curve, to all 4 corners, with pyramidal caps to the piers abutting the bridge and circular curls at outer ends, the north east wing longer than the remainder. Total cost of bridge and walls two hundred pounds.1

Rebuilt 19752

English Heritage Listed Building Number: 424138. First Listed on 28/04/1987.

References:   1.Somerset Her Ref:52740
1. Somerset Roads the Legacy of the Turnpikes – Western Division – J B Bentley & B J Murless