Grand Western Canal Structures

Nynehead House Aqueduct


Bridge Name:   Nynehead House Aqueduct
No.:   28
Build Date:   1832
Engineer:   James Green
The aqueduct is built of large blocks of finely jointed greensand with massive parapet stones. The waterway trough is fabricated from cast iron flanged plates jointed and bolted together, the side sections including splayed joints similar to stone voussoirs. The central bottom section is curved to follow the radius of the ashlar arch thus maximising headroom above the carriageway and improving the aesthetics. The aqueduct was built in the early 1830s to carry the canal over the realigned carriageway to Nynehead Court (PRN 44088) and created an impressive approach to the Park (PRN 43430) and residence. The masony abutments and arch and the cast iron trough are generally in reasonable condition and some fallen parapet stones were replaced in 1975.

Limited excavation and detailed recording during consolodation works showed that all the structures were of one phase and corresponded well with the contract details of the early 1830s. While the exterior of the aqueduct was designed with some architectural pretensions as it was incorporated in Nyhead Park (PRN 43430) the interior was found to be much plainer.1

References:   1. Somerset HER record no.44144