Winn Brook Structures

Old Winn Bridge

Bridge Name:   Old Winn Bridge
No.:   7
Location:   Winsford
Build Date:    
A two-arched post-medieval bridge over the Winn Brook at Winsford. Scheduled monument.

Bridge over Winn Brook, Scheduled, Somerset 197. “A picturesque but vernacular bridge of two low arches with pointed cutwaters. The structure remains undisturbed. Is a low stone parapet, and roadway is 8 – 9m across and has tarmac on a stone base”. “Bridge is used by pedestrians and limited vehicular traffic to the houses to the N of it. A newer road takes most of the traffic running N-S through the village. There is a parking area between the old road and the new”. Dated as medieval. The bridge across the Winn Brook at SS 90623490 was until 1928, when a new bridge was built 20.0m to the E, the main bridge on the Exford Road. It is now reduced to serving local traffic and pedestrians. Although the essential details are as recorded it is questionably medieval and it is certainly not picturesque, looking as it does rather like a double culvert. In fact there is a strong possibility that the wrong bridge has been scheduled as the well-known, picturesque Smithy Packhorse Bridge (SS 93 SW 2) some 70.0m to the W on the same brook1

References:   1.Exmoor National Park HER – MSO8547