River Cary Structures

Popple Bridge

Bridge Name:   Popple Bridge
No.:   51
Build Date:    

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Popple Bridge, where the Fosse crossed the river Cary on the western boundary, was known as Bricklemarsh Bridge in 1764 and before 1813 comprised two arches over two branches of the river.1

The river Cary here runs under a stone bridge of two arches on the Roman fosse-road, called Popple-Bridge, and gives its name to two very ancient places, viz. Lytes-Cary, and Cary-Fitzpaine.2

Two miles north east of Ilchester the Fosse Way crosses this stream by a bridge called Popple Bridge, and a few miles further downstream reaches Cary Bridge at Somerton. Both these bridges now have single segmental stone spans, probably built in the last century. There is evidence of a bridge as early as the fifteenth century, for Robert Walsshe in his will, which was proved in the year 1427, left the sum of 6s 8d to “the bridge called Populbrugge”3

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