River Alham Structures

Spargrove Bridge


Bridge Name:   Spargrove Bridge
No.:   9
Location:   Spargrove Mill, Spargrove
Build Date:   17th/18th century.

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Masonary single segmental arch road bridge built of local stone. Replaced a 16th century stone bridge. An archaeological watching brief1 was undertaken by Peter Leach Archaeological Consultant during the restoration and re-watering of the moated manor. The work uncovered evidence of medieval occupation through to late-medieval when the bridge/causeway underwent stages of replacement. Around the 16th century a stone wall was built on the inner edge of the moat and a stone bridge was constructed. A replacement bridge was erected in the 17th to 18th centuries along with landscaping of the moat. The 19th century brought restoration to the manor following a major fire.
References:   1.The School of Conservation Sciences, Bournemouth University Ref:3/1472 (E.40.E048)