River Brue Structures

Wallyers Bridge


Bridge Name:   Wallyers Bridge
No.:   26
Build Date:    

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Most of the settlements lie on a road along that ridge, a road which linked the Glastonbury manors of East Pennard and Butleigh. In 1503 it crossed the Brue, there called Pynneslake, by a two-arched bridge on the site of the present Wallyer’s bridge.Bridges indicate the continuing importance of the main routes. Wallyer’s bridge, over the Brue in the north-west and known as Baltonsborough bridge in 1686 and as Wallgate bridge in the 18th century, was rebuilt in 1723. Wallyer’s was again rebuilt in 1799 and in 1972 that was replaced by a stone, concrete, and iron road bridge. 1

Wlgar’s bridge until 1503 or later appears to have been at Moorhouse in Butleigh, where the Brue probably ran through the lowest part of the valley, until straightened and moved further east in the later Middle Ages. The present Wallyer’s bridge over the Brue was maintained half by Butleigh and half by Baltonsborough. It was a timber bridge, not suitable for waggons in the late 18th century, although a ford was provided.2

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