River Yeo Structures

Wood Bridge – Footbridge


Bridge Name:   Wood Bridge – Footbridge
No.:   13
Location:   Upstream from Yeovilton Weir
Build Date:    

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Right of Way Footbridge No.1975. Concrete deck on steel beams with metal handrails

Uppon readinge of the Petition of Robert Cox and Henry Lokier Tithingmen of the severall Tithings of Yeovilton and Draycott in this Countie thereby shewing that they have beene at the Chardge of fortie and five shillings a peece in repayring a certen bridge called Woodbridge lyeinge betweene the said Tithings which was to be repaired att the equall chardges of both Tithings, and that divers of the inhabitants of the same Tithings doe refuse to pay theire proportionable rates for the repaire of the same ; The examination of the matter referred to the two next justices to Yeovilton and Draycott to make such order therein as shalbee agreeable to Justice.1

References:   1.Quarter Sessions – Taunton 30th September 1650