River Barle Structures

Cornham Ford ROW Bridge 3451

Bridge Name: Cornham Ford ROW Bridge 3451
No.: 2
Location: SS 73153 39998
Build Date:


Description: Footbridge near Restricted Byway DU 5/19.
A footbridge, constructed from oak beams on stone piers. There are wooden handrails and crossplanks, and stone abutments on both banks are reinforced with concrete. It appears to be late 19th or early 20th Century.
The bridge was surveyed in 2012. The bridge is constructed of oak beams on stone piers, with 32 cross planks and wooden handrails and supports. It is supported on a stone pier in the centre of the river, with stone abutments on both banks supported by concrete. The bridge was estimated to be 19th Century and was noted to sag in the middle. Some signs of repair were also seen. [1] The bridge does not appear on the Ordnance Survey 1st Edition mapping but is shown on the 2nd Edition.

References: Exmoor National Park HER