River Barle Structures

Simonsbath Bridge

Bridge Name: Simonsbath Bridge
No.: 3
Location: Simonsbath SS 73153 39998
Build Date:


Description: The bridge at Simonsbath has three segmental arches and has the date 1879 on the parapet. An earlier bridge here was referred to at the Quarter Sessions of 1652. It was like so many others suffering from “great decay”. The village was called “Symondsburrow in Exmoor”1
SS73NE EXMOOR CP SIMONSBATH 11/13 – Simonsbath Bridge at NGR SS 7720 3909 – II Road bridge over River Barle. Medieval in origin, subsequently extensively rebuilt especially after 1952 floods. Flat bedded slate, random rubble voussoirs, slate bedded on end to form saddle back coping. Three arch span. West side 3 semi-circular headed arches, cutwaters rising to spring of arch with flat pilasters above. East side pointed arch central opening, flanked by 2 slightly different semi-circular headed arches, cutwaters between with recessed ledge, parapet rebuilt behind2
” From Exford to Simonsbath Bridge a 4. miles, al by Forest, baren, and morisch ground, where ys store and breading of yong Catelle, but litle or no Come or Habitation. ” There rennith at this place caullid Simonsbath a Ryver betwixt to great Morisch Hilles in a depe Botom, and ther is a Bridge of Woodde over this water. This Water risith by North Weste. “The Water in Somer most communely rennith flat upon stones easy to be passid over, but when Raynes cum and Stormes of Wyntre it ragith and ys depe. ” Alwayes this Streame ys a great deale bygger Water then Ex is at Exford, yet it resortith into Ex Ryver.” 3


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