River Isle Structures

Donyatt Bridge


Bridge Name:   Donyatt Bridge
No.:   33
Location:   Donyatt 333992/114041
Build Date:   1909
Built by SCC – R. G. Spiller Chard Contractor 1

“This parish is pleasantly situated, and well wooded and watered, the river Isle running through it in its way to Ilminster. Over this stream a stone bridge of one arch has been erected, and is kept in repair by the commissioners of the turnpike. There are also three timber bridges, repaired by the lord of the manor.”2

References:   1. Somerset Roads – The legacy of the Turnpikes – Phase 1 Western Division – J. B Bentley & B J Murless
2.The History and Antiquities of the County of Somerset 1791 by John Collinson