River Parrett Structures

Huish Bridge ROW No.3340


Bridge Name:   Huish Bridge ROW No.3340
No.:   28
Build Date:    

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Huish bridge was built on the road between Huish Episcopi and Frog Lane in order to cross the Parrett in 1581. It was destroyed by the King�s forces in 1646 but was reinstated by 1791 when it was described as made of wood standing of four stone piers1

In 1791 it was described as of wood, standing on four stone piers.Before 1666 small properties in Huish and a house in Langport were given in trust for the maintenance of Huish and Wearne bridges, and became known as the Bridge Land charity. By the beginning of the 19th century the income was added to the general rate income. In 1840 Huish bridge, then a footbridge, was taken over by the Parrett Navigation Company, which replaced it by a wooden carriage bridge.2

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