River Parrett Structures

Westover Bridge

Bridge Name:   Westover Bridge
No.:   27
Build Date:    
A third route ran due west, past the Court House and over the Parrett by Bage bridge, known as Bougkebrygge in 1474, Banckbridge in 1553, and Barge bridge in 1667. In 1768 this was a wooden structure of three arches, and the route was still used in 1842. The bridge was replaced by Westover bridge, formerly known as Muchelney Ford bridge or Muchelney bridge, on the line of the present Drayton road. It was built in 1840 on the site of Muchelney ford by the Parrett Navigation Company, and was probably of stone and timber. It was rebuilt c. 1882, and was replaced by the present bridge in 1948�9.1
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